on the bright side, the second batch of plant babies are doing very well. today is their 1 week birthday and they are happy and healthy. Not pictured are the coleus, strawberry plants, watermelon plant, and the st john’s wort. They’re all healthy as well.

you can also kinda see my torn up windowsill garden, most of the plants are fine except the ones in the box. 

hopefully by the time the second batch of plant babies are ready to be transferred to bigger pots i’ll have a suitable grow light set up for them. they’re all flowers, and i’d really like to see them bloom.

also schim yeah i think it was prolly a goosie :c even tho im sad im not upset at the goose they didnt know better

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  2. schim said: Only thing I could suggest would be making some sort of chickenwire top for it.
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